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Are you thinking about listing your home but unsure if winter is the right time for you? 

Here are reasons why listing your home in the Winter gives you the advantage.

      * Spring is the peak home shopping time and that's when the market is flooded with listings.  It also means that your home can be a small fish in a big pond.  In the winter months you practically have the market to yourself.

       * Buyers are very serious in the winters months.  If a buyer is taking the time on a cold and snowy day to look at your home, they must be serious.  Many winter buyers are working against a deadline, whether it's a lease that is about to expire, relocation for their job, or contract on their home.  Plus the average winter sales have been increasing the past few years with Central MN experiencing mild winters. 

       * Your REALTOR typically has a smaller list of clients in the winter months.  Take advantage of the extra time and energy that he or she will have to promote your home.  Whether it's in the area of marketing your property or working hard to negotiate with the buyers.  If you choose the right agent, he or she will be there for you no matter what time of the year.  Winter months allow for more of the one on one time.   

       * Do not over price your home.  With limited homes on the market in the winter months doesn't mean you can price your home higher.  Listen to your agent, have them do a market analysis and set your price accurately based on the data.  The buyers are out there and a price that is out of range can leave your home sitting pretty quiet in the months to come.  Eventually Spring will hit and your house will fall to the way side from all the other fresh listings coming to market.  Price you home right!

       * Spring, Summer and Fall are all seasons that are going to add extra care for your landscape.  During the winter months in Minnesota typically all you have to worry about is bringing out the shovel.  Making sure the driveway is clear and the side walks are shoveled to the front door.  There's no quick grab the mower, pruning your bushes, watering your flowers or even stressing over that patch of grass that hasn't quite come in yet.  

Every market is different and you will want to contact an agent that knows the market, school districts and trends.  Have them do a home analysis and determine whether winter is the right time for your particular home.

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